3 Reasons To Use A Gate Keypad

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From dorm buildings and apartments to business complexes, there are numerous facilities that require restricted access. To protect the people and property at a facility, it is important to develop access control solutions. Effective access control systems include security gates and doors, intercom systems, and digital locks. Credentials can include a keycard, a fob, an app on a mobile device, or even more advanced biometrics. Keypads are a traditional method for helping to monitor and restrict access to a certain area or property.

gate keypad is a security device that operates a motorized gate when users input a specific PIN or code. Numbers displayed on the face of the keypad allow users to enter a set of numbers to gain access to an area. When a correct code is entered, the gate swings open for a designated amount of time and then closes and locks again. Keypads are a popular entry system among numerous types of properties and are often found on gates to apartments, HOA communities, commercial buildings, and complexes. Because they are generally outside, security keypads are designed to withstand the elements.

Electronic gate keypads are usually installed near entrances to monitor and restrict who has access to an area. In many situations, innovation allows for keypads to be integrated with other access control devices and systems on a property, such as a video intercom. No matter what type of property or facility you have, a security keypad can serve as an integral part of any security plan. Let’s take a look at some reasons you should consider a keypad at your property.

1. Security

Perhaps one of the biggest and most obvious reasons for installing a keypad entry system is security. A security gate with a keypad significantly reduces the number of people who have access to a specific area or property. Preventing unauthorized access to a property helps protect the premises, people, and assets. At the same time, it could also serve as a safety feature that prevents people from going near a potentially dangerous area. A keypad system lets trusted people and guests in while keeping others out.

A recent study demonstrated that gated communities have 33 percent fewer burglaries and other crimes. This means that security gates are effective at crime prevention. Security keypads and gates can give residents, employees, and other stakeholders peace of mind that they are in a safely monitored space.

2. Access Control Management

Aside from limiting access to an area, a security keypad system allows administrators and users better management features. Instead of requiring that physical keys and other entry devices are returned, the property manager can revoke privileges and cancel PIN codes in the system almost immediately. Additionally, the system will allow users to see who accessed the property with a PIN and when. This allows for better property management. Administrators also have the option of granting temporary passcodes to allow short-term access for deliveries or maintenance. Cloud-based systems can be managed from anywhere there is an internet connection.

3. Ease of Access

Just as the system restricts access, keypads create ease of access at the same time. Residents, employees, and other authorized personnel with a passcode are able to access the gate with ease. Since there is no physical key, users don’t have to worry about keeping up with anything except for a code. Authorized people can come and go with the touch of a few buttons.

Access control systems with keypads are a great way to implement security in a way that offers flexibility and convenience. With a security gate and keypad, your property will be better protected, and the people working or living in the buildings will feel safer and more secure.

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